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Core Supports

Updated: May 8, 2023

We take a brief look at Core Supports, what they are and what they can be used for.

Lady in a wheelchair on the beach

For those who would appreciate more info on Core Supports. Here it is...

Core Supports are designated funding within your NDIS plan to enable NDIS participants to work towards their goals and meet their objectives. It is the most flexible budget. Examples of what Core Supports can pay for are; household cleaning, yard maintenance, consumables like everyday items, continence products, technology and mobility. You can also use Core Supports funding to assist you to access the community.

From 9th May 2020, participants who are either plan managed or NDIA managed will be able to use all four categories without the need for a plan review.

Finally, your Core Supports fit into four categories; 1. Assistance with daily life 2. Consumables 3. Assistance with Social and Community Participation 4. Transport

It can be tricky to differentiate between the different types of support budgets and some overlap, so if you're ever confused just speak to your local area coordinator or support coordinator for clarification.

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