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Transparency in the NDIS

Updated: May 8, 2023

What builds trust?

Being transparent, open and honest is the best way to provide services to the community we serve.

We dive in to why transparency is the most important and unspoken factor in Disability Services.

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In these turbulent times, honesty and transparency are needed more than ever. You may think this is obvious for NDIS providers delivering services to people with complex needs, but all too often this is neglected and forgotten.

At Sunnysights we know how vital transparency is when delivering key support services. That's why we ensure you are communicated with and provided all compliance documentation, incident & progress reports, behaviour recording, and rosters. We'll also send you newsletters and summaries of what's been going on in the house and what's coming up, like parties, events and trips.

You should expect a lot of communication from your service provider - positive or negative.

The best way to build trust amongst all stakeholders is to work together to ensure better outcomes for the participant.

Consistent and open communication with all stakeholders is vital to fostering successful relationships and increasing the chances of positive outcomes for your participant. What does this look like?

- Weekly emails, calls and texts on house management

- Monthly progress reports

- Notification of incidents and behaviour recording in live time, offering access to these documents as and when required

- Diary of house events - medical appointments, community access etc

- Clear, concise and honest invoicing

To learn more about how Sunnysights communicates, please contact us today.

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