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Sunny's Homes Are Built For Our Community

Interior of bathroom for the disabled or elderly people. Handrail for disabled and elderly

The Right Location

Homes are chosen based on strict criteria; close to hospitals, shops, cafes, family, friends, and green spaces

Moving a Couch

Tailored To Your Needs

Each home can be modified to suit your individual needs and preferences

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Furnished For You

We furnish the home for you based on your preferences and needs. Even down to your favourite colours, and free of charge

Sunnysights works closely with developers, builders, SDA providers, Real Estates and private landlords to ensure you get extensive options and opportunities to live in the home you want. Below are some examples of our homes. 

Our Vacancies

We're proud that we don't have vacancies come up very often, but from time to time - especially when we're setting up a new home - we'll be looking to welcome a new person into the Sunnysights family. View our SIL and SDA vacancies by clicking the button below.

Our Partners

Elliott Group

Elliott Property Group Logo

Elliott Property Group is extremely passionate about creating properties for people who require specialist housing solutions. We are building and providing homes across New South Wales and South East Queensland and soon to expand to South Australia and North Queensland. 

Having a personal family connection to the disability world makes us incredibly motivated to create well designed and well built homes ensuring that the homes reach the people who need them. We are builders and property developers and about half of our capacity has been devoted to SDA & SIL homes.

We have done extensive research and development to ensure our SDA & SIL floor plans are practical, functional and a homely space for people who live in them. We obtain feedback from the people who use them to ensure we are always improving and making the home as comfortable and as functional as possible. 

If you would like more information on our company and what we are all about please feel free to contact us on 07 5529 8621 or 

NDS Logo

National Disability Services

National Disability Services (NDS) is Australia's peak body for non-government disability service organisations, representing over 1100 non-government service providers. Collectively, NDS members operate several thousand services for Australians with all types of disability.

Sunnysights is a proud member of the NDS and believes sharing ideas, innovation and support strategies builds a stronger, more cohesive community, and creates a more positive and person-centred platform for service providers to offer world-leading support services. 

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Explained

In Australia, ensuring that individuals with disabilities have access to suitable housing options is crucial in fostering inclusivity, independent living, and enhancing their quality of life.


Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) plays a significant role in addressing this need by providing a range of housing designed specifically to cater to the unique requirements of people with disabilities.

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to purpose-built or specially modified housing designed to cater to the needs of people with significant disabilities who require specialised housing solutions.

SDA homes are equipped with accessible features and modifications that enhance accessibility, safety, and independence for residents. These accommodations are tailored to accommodate individuals with diverse physical, intellectual, sensory, or psychosocial disabilities.

In an SDA-supported independent living accommodation, wider doorways, accessible showers, and potentially even automated features like smart home technology could be incorporated to enhance their ability to navigate the home safely.

Eligibility for Specialist Disability Accommodation

Eligibility for SDA is determined based on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which governs disability services and support in Australia.

To be eligible for SDA, individuals must meet specific criteria outlined by the NDIS. Generally, eligibility is assessed based on the participant's functional impairment and the level of support they require to live independently.

Participants must also meet the following criteria:

  1. High Physical Support Needs: Individuals with complex physical disabilities require specialised housing and support services.

  2. Extreme Functional Impairment or Very High Support Needs: Individuals with significant cognitive or intellectual disabilities requiring intensive support.

  3. Specialised Supported Accommodation: Individuals with specific needs that cannot be met through other forms of accommodation.


What is NDIS SDA Funding and how do I get it?

SDA funding is provided through the NDIS to cover the cost of housing for eligible participants. The funding is separate from other NDIS supports and is specifically allocated to cover the additional costs associated with specialised housing.

To access SDA funding, individuals must have SDA included in their NDIS plan, indicating that they require specialised accommodation. The NDIS will assess the participant's eligibility for SDA funding based on their support needs and the level of accommodation required.

Remember, while SDA funding covers the cost of the dwelling type, you will still be responsible for rent or other occupancy and personal costs depending on the specific arrangement with the provider. It's crucial to understand these details before entering into any agreement.

Specialist Disability Accommodation Rules

SDA operates within a framework of rules and regulations established by the NDIS (2021). These rules govern various aspects of SDA, including eligibility criteria, funding allocation, design standards, and provider registration.


Some key rules governing SDA include:

  1. Participant Eligibility: Participants must meet specific eligibility criteria related to disability and support needs to qualify for SDA funding.

  2. Registration of SDA Providers: Providers offering SDA must be registered with the NDIS and comply with the Quality and Safeguards Commission standards.

  3. Design Standards: SDA properties must meet specific design standards and accessibility requirements to ensure they are suitable for individuals with disabilities.

  4. Funding Allocation: SDA funding is allocated based on the participant's assessed needs and the level of support required to maintain their independence and well-being.


Categories of SDA Design Explained


The NDIS categorises SDA dwellings based on the level of design features and support needs they cater to. Here's a breakdown of the four main categories:

Improved Liveability: This category focuses on providing a more comfortable and functional living environment. Features might include wider doorways, accessible showers, and improved kitchen layouts to make daily activities easier.

Robust Construction: These dwellings are built with a higher standard of durability and resilience, considering the potential for more frequent wear and tear due to the specific needs of occupants. This might involve reinforced walls, stronger flooring materials, and assistive technology integration points.

Fully Accessible: This category prioritises complete accessibility throughout the dwelling. Imagine a home with automatic doors, bathroom hoists, and height-adjustable kitchen benches to accommodate a wide range of mobility needs. Additionally, features like voice-activated controls and strategically placed grab bars could be incorporated.

High Physical Support: These dwellings are designed for individuals with the most complex needs, potentially requiring 24/7 assistance. Features might include specialised medical equipment storage, hoist systems in multiple rooms, and wider spaces to allow for easier manoeuvring of wheelchairs and support equipment.

Finding SDA Accommodation

Specialist Disability Accommodation offers a valuable option for Australians with significant disabilities, enabling them to live more independently and with greater dignity. Once you have NDIS approval for SDA funding, you can search for available properties based on location, price range, design category, and other preferences.

As a registered NDIS provider of Supported Independent Living (SIL), Sunnysights has extensive expertise in providing in-home support for those living in Specialist Disability Accommodation with complex care needs. We work closely with SDA providers to ensure there are a wide range of options and opportunities to live in the home you want.


View our current SIL vacancies or contact us to discuss your needs.

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