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Supported Independent Living (SIL) Provider Tweed Heads

Expert In-home supports


Supported Independent Living (SIL) is help or supervision with daily activities to help you live as independently as possible. SIL is paid personal supports, which includes assistance cooking meals and meal prep, personal care tasks, medication management and general household management.


The dedicated team at Sunnysights Independent Living has extensive expertise in SIL, whereby we support people with a range of complex needs within suitable housing across Tweed Heads, Northern New South Wales and all of South East Queensland, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Warwick, Roma, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Logan and Beenleigh.

Our comprehensive onboarding and training delivery means we understand the skilled care, compassion and professionalism involved in supporting people who require significant help throughout the day.

We pride ourselves on providing personalised care to individuals with disabilities, enabling our clients to lead rich and meaningful lives through specialist housing solutions.

If you have been approved for SIL or would like to learn more please contact us today

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What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a type of support under your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan, designed to assist you in living as independently as possible while receiving help with daily tasks. This assistance includes everyday tasks like cleaning, cooking meals, and learning daily living skills.

SIL aims to enhance your life skills and autonomy in daily life while providing the necessary support tailored to your needs. It's particularly beneficial for individuals with disabilities who require constant daily assistance, including overnight support and specialist disability housing. SIL services are delivered in your own home, either in shared SIL accommodation or individually.

What is the difference between SIL and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

SIL and SDA are both programs that can assist people with disabilities in Australia, but they focus on different aspects of living.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) focuses on providing essential support within your home to facilitate an independent life. It's suitable for individuals with disabilities who need regular assistance but don't necessarily require specialised housing features.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to housing specifically designed for individuals with very high support needs. SDA includes features like ceiling hoists, automatic doors, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and other significant adjustments tailored to the occupants' specific requirements.

Note: People with high needs can receive both Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding in their NDIS plan. This means they'll get separate funding for the support services they need to live independently (SIL) and for the accessible housing itself (SDA).

Can I access Supported Independent Living in my own home?

You can receive Supported Independent Living (SIL) services in your own home through the NDIS' Individual Living Option (ILO) program. The program gives you control over choosing your type of housing and designing the support system that best fits your needs, whether you live independently or with other NDIS participants through shared living arrangements.

It's important to explore all available options to ensure that SIL is the most suitable support for you. At Sunnysights, we have available homes that are updated live on our website. If you would like to discuss any of our current vacancies in Tweed Heads, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Am I eligible for SIL funding?

To be eligible for Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding under NDIS, you must meet specific criteria tailored to individuals requiring extensive support to live independently.

Here are the key eligibility requirements:

  • Have an NDIS Plan with funding allocated for Supported Independent Living

  • Be aged 18 or above

  • Require 24/7 access to support, either in shared accommodation or through one-on-one support arrangements. This is determined by a Functional Assessment Report (FAR) undertaken by an Allied Health professional.

  • Identifying Housing Solution's report prepared by a support coordinator, this report identifies suitable housing options that align with your needs.


The NDIA will also consider any informal support you receive from family, friends, and community networks. The focus is on ensuring the funded supports are effective, tailored, and provide genuine benefits.

If you're unsure about your eligibility or require assistance navigating the application process, contact SunnySights today.

What type of support is provided by Sunnysights?


As an NDIS registered SIL service provider, Sunnysights provides a wide range of personalised Independent Living services such as personal care assistance, living arrangements, and recreational community and social activities. All services are aimed at helping you achieve greater independence and quality of life.

Our daily living support includes:

  • Assistance with personal care tasks such as bathing, dressing, and grooming

  • Support with meal preparation, grocery shopping, and cooking, plus assistance with capacity building tasks such as cleaning, gardening and other household tasks

  • Guidance and encouragement to develop essential independent living skills

  • Skilled 24/7 care with access to trained support staff for ongoing assistance and supervision

  • Collaboration with you to create a supportive environment tailored to your individual needs and preferences


Get in touch!


We understand the importance of providing active assistance with compassion and professionalism. Our experienced team is trained to carry out living support to individuals with complex needs and functional impairments, ensuring they receive the assistance they require throughout the day.

If you've been approved for SIL or are interested in how it can benefit you, contact the dedicated team at Sunnysights Independent Living today or view our current vacancies of SIL Accommodation


What makes Sunnysights different from other NDIS providers in Tweed Heads?

Sunnysights is a social enterprise - that means we have a for-profit business model and a not-for-profit heart, with a percentage of profits going back into improvements in the disability sector. 
The founders have backgrounds in NDIS, Allied Health, Education, Aged Care, HR, and Legal. We strive each and every day to be exemplary leaders in our field and encourage the same from everyone we encounter along the way. We want to see people be the best versions of themselves in happy and nurturing environments.

What makes Sunnysights support workers better?

Sunnysights has built its foundations on the Buutzorg Model. This is a model of care founded in the Netherlands, and starts from the participants perspective and works outwards to assemble solutions that bring independence and improved quality of life. 

Our support workers undergo extensive and comprehensive training on the participants they will be supporting. As well as detailed information on the NDIS practice standards, quality assurances and continuous improvements policies. 

How long does it generally take to move into a new home?

Change is often challenging, and it takes a lot of moving parts to create the perfect home for a participant. This process differs for each individual and each situation. From the enquiry and suitability stage to the transition, and finally the moving in stage, there are a lot of considerations and compliance to ensure all parties are happy.
Although it is different for everyone, we find that most placements take between 4 - 12 weeks on average. 
At Sunnysights we practice leadership through consideration and accountability, ensuring all our participants have everything ready and in place and have been part of the planning process the whole way through.

What furniture should be brought into the home?

This is generally up to the participant and differs, once again, from person to person, however, most participants bring their own bedroom furnishings. 
For single occupancy homes, often other pieces for the home are brought along, however, if this is unavailable Sunnysights are happy to supply these. 
In shared living homes, the common areas are usually provided by Sunnysights, although we are happy to accommodate individual pieces where we can, to ensure everyone feels as nurtured and at home as possible.

Will a bond need to be paid if Sunnysights is managing the SIL property?

Yes, same as any other rental situation, a bond and 2 weeks upfront rent will need to be paid. The bond shall be returned at the end of the tenancy minus any cleaning fees or repairs that are outstanding.
If a bond is not affordable in the circumstances, a bond loan can be sought via the following link:


If the property is an SDA home, then SDA guidelines will apply through the SDA provider.

What areas do you currently have available housing?

We have houses throughout South East Queensland, predominantly, Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich region, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We also have vacancies with co-tenants from time to time, however, we do our best to find suitable matches to ensure our homes are as harmonious and stress-free as possible. We update our website regularly where you will see some of our homes that are currently available.

Can Sunnysights match co-tenants?

Absolutely! We do this all day every day to ensure safe and happy homes. We take care and consideration in finding the right fit, for age, gender, social interests, personality types just to name a few. We focus on establishing good connections and sustainable long-term solutions. We also take the time to introduce participants over suitable periods, having meet and greets with teams and other housemates as well as lunch dates and sleepovers to ensure positive outcomes wherever possible.

Do you have support workers ready to go?

Our Support Worker teams are carefully selected and supported as they are what makes Sunnysights successful. We are fortunate to have some amazing talents on our team that can be tapped into and we balance this off with consistently finding new talent to add to our teams as well. Once we identify the exact needs and preferences of a new Participant coming on board, we can start to bring this together straight away. Sunnysights drives to be an employer of choice and we often have Support Workers reaching out to us. We aim to bring together, nurture and develop the best of the industry.

What information do you need to get started?

We will ask for a basic set of details in the Enquiry Form to send out information and policies. 
Once you have received and read the Participant Booklet & Privacy Policy, we will need a privacy form signed by the Participant or Guardian so we can legally peruse private information pertaining to the Participant. 
From here, we will require an Occupational Therapy (OT) Report, NDIS Plan, and any previous Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Roster of Care (ROC) documents.
After this, so we can match the right home, Sunnysights will require any further information regarding the property and co-tenancy preferences.

Why do you need a copy of the OT Report and NDIS Plan?

There are three main reasons why Sunnysights requests copies of the OT Reports and NDIS Plans for assisting Participants;

1. Safety, Quality and Consistency:

The OT report is the documentation that sets the recommendation for SIL to the NDIS and care providers and is a key assessment report on which the NDIS Plan is based. This document stipulates the types of care and intensity of supports required through evidence-based methods that provide clinical assessment for the required care to keep Participants safe. We use this report as a fundamental document to ensure quality care is practised daily and consistently.

2. Sustainability and Responsibility:

The NDIS Plan is another keystone document that confirms with the Participants input what has been accepted as necessary and reasonable by the NDIS. The plan confirms the NDIS approved scope of SIL support delivery, including hours and levels of support, as well as Participant goals that the plan sets out to achieve, and the funding allocated to resource this. 

With the OT Report and NDIS Plan documents, we can then populate the NDIS SIL templates and Sunnysights can create a SIL quote and Roster of Care (ROC) on behalf of the Participant for their review and feedback. 

The NDIS templates require the information set out in the OT Report and confirmed in the NDIS Plan. Some of the information they require relates to the approved hours and levels of the different supports to be provided during different shifts that need to be aligned with the development plans. 

Through this further consideration of the viability of support for round-the-clock shifts and specific support types are determined so that 'Price Controlled' estimates can be provided under the NDIS price guide. Once complete, the service model is checked by Sunnysights quality and assurance to ensure that the tailored support can be reasonably delivered by Sunnysights and within the scope of care. 

Furthermore, it is our responsibility under our registration and throughout the duration of the service delivery that the SIL scope, Roster of Care and the NDIS Plan are aligned and sufficient for the Participants' ongoing and continuous care provision. Should the supports, shift planning, or funding not match a Participants needs, they may end up with incorrect supports or planning that have negative outcomes and funding that is insufficient in their plan that the Participant themselves become liable for.

3. Compliance

As a provider of essential SIL supports, we are obliged under registration, our duty of care, and the NDIS code of conduct to avoid engaging in 'sharp practices'.

"People with a disability expect that NDIS providers will not participate in or promote sharp practices". 

This includes not:

  • Providing services or expending funds contrary to a person with a disability's approved plan.

  • asking for or accepting any additional fees for providing the service.

  • Offering inducements to encourage people to take up or continue with your organisation or a particular service option.

  • Engaging in high-pressure sales.

For further information please see: NDIS Code of Conduct (Part 2: Elements 3, 4 & 5)

As a registered provider we are also required during audits, to produce the OT Reports and NDIS Plans of each Participant in our care to ensure our service delivery has been created on the basis of these keystone documents. 

How are invoices received and paid?

Participants usually have 2 areas of funding:

  • NDIS Plan allocated funds - used for Core Supports, Capital & Capacity Building.

  • Private Funds - used for Board and Lodgings and additional expenses outside of the NDIS Plan, i.e. Mobility Allowance.

Sunnysights encourages the plan Management of funds and the Self-Management of funds, wherever possible. 

All SIL invoices are prepared upon service delivery in the form of system-generated line items and breaking down the levels, dates and times of support with the NDIS Price Arrangements and Price Limit codes to the nominated funds manager. 

All board and Lodgings invoices are sent to the Participants nominated manager, prepared fortnightly and are timed to accommodate the majority of our Participants who receive the Disability Support Pension. 

All invoiced items will have had prior approval as per the NDIS guidelines, this will be required in writing prior to a service or item delivery. 

Sunny's Values

Leading Change

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Our focus is on what a person can do, not on their condition or disability. We tailor to your needs, unique circumstances and aspirations.

We focus on people and their rights, safety, choices, and freedoms in everything we do ensuring all environments in which we operate are fair, just and equitable.


We strive for new methods to tackle original thinking, create modern ideas, and solve complex problems. 

We look for new and progressive ways to solve problems and shape a bright future for our industry, contributors, participants, and communities.

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We focus on building and nurturing one social and inclusive community.

We value our community, team, and environments and continually contribute and strive to improve quality, safety and sustainability whilst providing opportunity for access and inclusion.


We aspire to express gratitude and humility in all that we do, and this helps us to recognise every positive impact and kindness we give and receive.  

We face challenges together and celebrate, acknowledge, and appreciate our development and wins along the way.

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Our goal is to set the example for the industry.

We are continually aware of ethical conduct and exemplify leadership through best practice, continual improvement and being accountable to ourselves, each other, and our communities.

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